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The Man

Innovative, passionate and devoted to empowering people of all walks of life, JL has become a dynamic change agent in this generation, touching the lives of people across generational and denominational lines. As a husband, proud father, pastor, community advocate, protocol consultant and inspiration to those he encounters, JL is affecting change nationally and internationally. With his warm infectiously personality and mastery of the word of God, he has the ability to reach the masses with his unique creativity.


The Mission

To evangelize and connect people to resources that will help them discover their potential and use it to create a positive change in their families, churches and communities. With tenacious determination, strength and passion, JL hopes and desires that through his ministry others are able to sense his love for Christ and compelled to strengthen their relationships with God. With a heavy civic and community involvement, Bishop JL is utilizing developmental tools to build the lives of people not just in ReFreshing Church, but in the community.


The Ministry

Prior to leading his own congregation, Bishop JL served as the Executive Pastor and Youth Pastor at Abundant Grace Assembly in Roanoke, VA, under the tutelage of his father, Bishop Delmar Jackson, II. He is currently the Second Assistant Presiding Bishop of Lively Stone Fellowship of Churches and a member of the Advisory Board for the Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops, serving as the Dean of the Adjutants Academy. While dedicated to the purpose and plan God has for his life, Bishop JL’s first ministry is to his wife Porshia and their 3 daughters. Together, this devoted husband and wife team empower people by illustrating family relationships in the way God intended things to be.

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 Meet Lady Porshia

Lady Porshia Jackson is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. She has a powerful testimony of redemption and restoration.

Lady Jackson serves in ministry alongside her husband, Bishop J. L. Jackson, as Leading Lady of ReFreshing Church in Roanoke, VA. Within the Church, she serves as the women’s ministry advisor and a mentor to women from all walks of life. She is a strong advocate for healthy families, strong marriages and balance in the body of Christ. She places her role as a wife and mother to Alexia, Grace, and Caroline as being her first and foremost important ministry! 

Lady Jackson is blessed with the spirit of restoration.  Her love for restoration moves beyond inanimate objects to that of helping to restore the lives of men and women who are spiritually broken.  Lady Jackson is known to spend inexhaustible hours encouraging others and directing souls to Christ, the original restorer of help, hope and healing.

In addition to the many hats she wears in ministry and in the home, Lady Jackson is the proprietor of thrift me pretty boutique, designed to assist women in being ladies who represent Christ in a refined, confident, and fashionable way!

Above all, she is a woman of God in pursuit of her purpose in God!

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